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Webinar: Dante for Socially Distant Rehearsals & Performances

Join Audinate and Audio Geer for a free 60-minute webinar discussing best practices for socially distanced rehearsal and performance in education environments.

Getting together to rehearse and perform is more challenging these days than ever before, but with Dante, setting up socially distanced rehearsals and performances is a breeze. In this webinar, we will review real-world examples from High Schools and Universities using Dante for socially distanced practice and performance. From a simple system using Dante to connect rooms in the same building to systems spanning across a campus environment and even further, we’ll tackle requirements to run a Dante Network while providing networking, design, and device recommendations. This webinar is geared toward end-users, integrators, and consultants involved with designing and deploying Dante systems for schools, colleges, and other venues where real-time audio is needed. Familiarity with Dante is helpful but not necessary for this presentation.

Thursday, February 18 10:00 - 11:00 AM PST


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