Creating and supporting excellence in audio, visual, and lighting for more than 25 years.

We're here to improve your A/V experience.


Retail & Ecommerce

Grow your sales with the help of our retail team. Whether we are providing product training, relaying current retail trends, or setting up curated events, our team is here to be your trusted partner.


Event Production

Guarantee performance. When it comes to high-quality production, reliability is everything. Our team is here to ensure that your A/V is never a barrier to creating a successful event.


System Integration

Committed to quality. Whether you’re designing or installing a system in a conference room, church, university, corporate space, or stadium, we have the personnel, experience, and resources to ensure a flawless result.



Geer Talk Live Streams

We are excited to announce our new live stream series, Geer Talk! 

Each live stream will be focused on one of our reputable manufacturers and include a general news update, a special guest, and a real-time product demo or programming example.

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